Event's on 16 May, 2018

  • Lisk LSK Lisk (LSK) — Meetup in Ottawa
  • Dragonchain DRGN Dragonchain (DRGN) — Meetup and AMA in New York
  • Stratis STRAT Stratis (STRAT) — Smart Contract Release
  • Lisk LSK Lisk (LSK) — Token Summit 2018 in New York
  • Ripple XRP Ripple (XRP) — TXF Trade & Treasury 2018 in Amsterdam
  • Credits CS Credits (CS) — Monaco International Blockchain Forum
  • Monoeci XMCC Monoeci (XMCC) — Monaco International Blockchain Forum
  • Lisk LSK Lisk (LSK) — WeAreDevelopers World Congress in Vienna
  • Ripple XRP Ripple (XRP) — WeAreDevelopers World Congress in Vienna
  • Network Token NTWK Network Token (NTWK) — Platform Soft Launch
  • Pundi X NPXS Pundi X (NPXS) — Meetup in Ho Chi Minh
  • aelf ELF aelf (ELF) — Token Summit in New York
  • CanYaCoin CAN CanYaCoin (CAN) — CanTrack App Launch
  • Waves WAVES Waves (WAVES) — Waves Summer Roadshow Meetup in New York
  • Ambrosus AMB Ambrosus (AMB) — Ethereum London Meetup
  • FidentiaX FDX FidentiaX (FDX) — 'Solving Real-World Challenges with Blockchain Technology' Meetup in Seoul
  • Bytom BTM Bytom (BTM) — B3 Miner Noise Reduction Non Official Competition Ends
  • Creativecoin CREA Creativecoin (CREA) — Weeklys Challenge
  • EagleCoin EAGLE EagleCoin (EAGLE) — Smart Contract Demo Video Release
  • Dinastycoin DCY Dinastycoin (DCY) — Dinasty of Freedom Platform Presentation
  • Bitcoin BTC Bitcoin (BTC) — Cboe Bitcoin Futures Expiration
  • PutinCoin PUT PutinCoin (PUT) — Meetup in New York
  • Crown CRW Crown (CRW) — Platform Update
  • Bytecoin BCN Bytecoin (BCN) — AMA on Reddit

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