Verge coin Road Map

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"Black" Paper v3.0

Released 4. June 2017

Core Wallet 3.0 Release Stage 1

Wallet UI Overhaul, VISP, Bloom Filters, Atomic Swaps Capability
Released 15. November 2017

Core Wallet 3.0 Release Stage 2

Tor Integration & Optional Stealth Addressing
Q4, 2017

I2P Android Wallet

Anonymous mobile transactions over the I2P network
Q4, 2017

Mining Update

XVGui Miner, Official Mining Pool, Mining Guide
Q4, 2017

Merchandise Online Store

Verge branded apparel that can be purchased with XVG and BTC.
Q4, 2017

RSK Smart Contracts

They are in testnet for bitcoin now. Date revolves around this timeline.
Q4/Q1, 2017/2018


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