Pivx coin Roadmap

Pivx coin Roadmap

Full-time Zerocoin Protocol

We will be utilizing the vetted and academically verified Zerocoin Protocol in a manner that will eventually require all transactions on the PIVX network to utilize this protocol. You will have a choice upon launch between privacy or transparency. With this in place, we can increase the security and fungibility of PIVX as time moves on.

Launched OCTOBER 16, 2017

Community Designed Governance

A movement among the community to redesign the way voting and power is distributed and structured is gaining momentum. This will take months to complete, as we are involving the community and working with the existing governance system to ensure ‘buy-in’ from Masternode Owners.

Mobile Wallet Development

We want to modify the existing work of Matthew Mitchel who developed the first lite staking mobile wallet for Peercoin, and utilize our master node network to supply the chain bits for the mobile wallets.

Android Launched AUGUST 1, 2017!

In order to keep in sync with new features and functionality being added to Bitcoin Core, those changes are being merged into the PIVX. This code merge brings us to Bitcoin Core 0.12.1 which was released Feb 23, 2016.

U2F Integration

We want U2F to be another security option for securing your wallet from hackers and KeyLoggers. U2F requires a hardware dongle (usually with a push button). The Menu option would require easy setup instructions for the most common U2F USB dongles. Installing any software or drivers as required.

Launched OCTOBER 19, 2017

I2P Network Nodes

Right now, we have IPv4, IPv6 and Tor Network Nodes, running in dual stack nodes. We need to bring in I2p nodes as another option for the users, and so the users can connects to services on the I2p network.

Multi-Sig Escrow System

We would like to have a system integrated into the wallet with its own tab, to allow users to create escrow agreements with other users for goods and services, with other users.

We would create an additional income stream for qualifying master node owners who hold a certain amount of PIVX locked as liquidity in their controller wallet. To be eligible to participate as an impartial escrow agent chosen at random (if eligible). The Escrow agent, once required by either party, would earn a percentage of the transaction (amount is yet to be determined)

Launched NOVEMBER 13, 2017

Multi-Sig Addresses

We want a tab or menu option, to pull up a window for Multi-Sig address creation and use. Right now everything must be done via the CLI.

Elastic Block Sizes

A block size mechanism that allows the blocks to expand on their own to incorporate varying in sizes.

Encrypted Chat System

We would like a separate panel in the wallet to have an encrypted chat system, to allow public and private groups and private messaging.

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