Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash - What is the future bitcoin

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Now that Segwit2x has been called off, and the developers have said Bitcoin Cash 'aligns with their views'.... and has gone only to bitcoin cash - What is the future bitcoin ??

I am pleased that Segwit2x was called off, I felt this would cause a divide in the bitcoin community, however bitcoin cash is fast and cheap and people may start using Bitcoin cash over bitcoin.

Bitcoin has dropped ~10% in the last day, I feel this is good because it has settles down at the 6700 mark for correction, on the other hand, bitcoin cash has raised ~40% !!

I was all along saying to myself, if the price went in the $6k range, I would purchase a small amount more, however bitcoin cash is doing well, what should I do ?

I own bitcoin but none of bitcoin cash, are people here still buying bitcoin or is bitcoin cash the way forward ?

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