how earn btc from online???

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1. Faucets & Faucet Rotators (Free)

You can check micro earning board for faucets and also for faucet rotators.
The difference between faucet and a faucet rotator is, faucet is a individual site and in a faucet rotator you will get so many faucets in it.
Admins of faucet rotators updates their site very often with best paying faucets. So you can stick with some faucet rotators and can earn some satoshis.. Though it depends on yourself, how much effort you can give.

2. Signature Campaign (Free)

This is one of my favorite. You can get all the info in service board.
What you need to be is a QUALITY POSTER to get approve in a sig. campaign. Signature campaign managers like QUALITY POSTERS, so you have to improve your posting quality before applying in a sig. campaign... You can check the Sig. Campaign list here >

3. Social Campaign (Free)

This is another easy way to earn some satoshis. You can get all the info in service board.
All you need is a twitter account with some followers and a facebook account with some friends. Then find the suitable campaign and earn some satoshis.

4. Skill based jobs and other kinds of jobs (Free)

You may earn good amount of btc if you have any skill. Skills can be define as logo design, graphics design of any kind, web development etc etc. You can offer your service in service board with your price. Sometime members of this community announces contests, so you can take part there. You can get all the info in service board. Just check service board very often for new opportunities.

5. Trading (Investment)

You can earn good money from trading if you know how to trade... The main thing in trading is RIGHT TIME ENTRY TO THE MARKET. Before start trading you need good knowledge about it. So you need to learn trading first, because trading needs market analysis. So you have to be good at it.

6. Lending (Investment)

You can lend your btc and earn interest from it. You can lend your btc in poloniex or in this forum lending board.

7. Investments

You can invest your btc in so many programs online. Such as casino bankroll, hyip, revshare.
You will get very low rates from the investment in casino bankroll.
You will get very high rates from the investment in hyips & revshare. BUT DO NOT INVEST THERE. YOU WILL LOSS ALL YOUR MONEY.
Hyips & revshare are being created just to steal peoples money.

Simple logic..
Low rates = low risk.
High rates = high risk.

8. Mining (Investment)

This is another way of earning bitcoin. But I can't write anything about it due to lack of knowledge. I am still learning about it.

9. Forex & Binary (Investment)

This is very risky but it has good profit possibilities.

10. Extra (Free / Investment)

Check micro earning & service announcement board for the sites which offers the opportunity to earn bitcoin. Normally if you find it should have free earning opportunities and some may need investment.

At this moment above 10s were in my head.. So I wrote it down.
Maybe others from our community will suggest you more.

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