Why owning 1 BTC becomes harder everyday???

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if you want to see bitcoin as a currency then it doesn't matter how much it is worth. you buy $20 worth of bitcoin and you spend $20 worth of bitcoin. if bitcoin is worth $20 you get 1 bitcoin and spend 1 bitcoin.

I think that basically you have no clue what bitcoin is nor how it works.
Seven years ago you had 100$ , you could buy 100$ worth of bitcoin.
Nowadays, you have 100$ , you can buy 100$ worth of bitcoin.
Seven year in the future, you will have 100$ and you might be able to buy 100$ worth of bitcoin. (if the dollar won;t be garbage by that time).
So, Problems?
You think that if you own 2 million doge coins they are worth more than 1 btc just because "it's much wow more coins"?

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