Should bitcoin be legalize?

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Since the numbers of people and institutions that accept Bitcoin as mode of payment are increasing day after day and Central Banks of almost every Country are studying bitcoin and crypto currency in general on how to legalize it which i think will be good for bitcoin world. But the question that come to mind is that, don't you think there will be restriction of Bitcoin to be send or receive per day for and individuals or organizations?

Answer is :-

For delivery restrictions it seems like it will not happen. If legalization is really done by the government then the best way is with tax withdrawal for every transaction done. The transactions made indeed seem to be limited to places / shops / merchants that have been appointed by the government. So that later a merchant who wants to receive payment with bitcoin then he must report taxes to the government. That means the price of the goods sold with bitcoin will be slightly more expensive than those sold with fiat. But it will be very little, reporting taxes is a duty for every citizen.

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