How to earn Bitcoins

To be honest, earning even ubit is really challenging. I was registered and have my bitcoin wallet since 5 years ago but I don't have any idea where to find bitcoin. I searched how to earn bitcoins and the answer was mining a bit block... I dunno how to mine then... So I leave my account there for how many years luckily blockchain did not deactivate it. Just 2 days ago bitcoin became a national news in my country. The Central bank is planning to fully recognize the bitcoin as part of the usual trading currency in the country like the local currency and the USD and regulate it because the bitcoin transaction in my country is continuously rising for around $14 Million USD to $16 Million USD a month and most of them are heading to the casino. It comes out to my mind that I have a bit coin wallet and since I just resigned and refused to renew my contract from my work then i think I could have so much time to explore for bitcoin..

Yeah I did for already 3 days and earned around 5K Satoshi each from around 10 apps so its 3 days to have 5k satoshi seems interesting for me but I dunno how much is the value of 1 Satoshi yet to a bit coin. for 10 apps with average of 5k satoshi for 3 days then it means I have an average of 50K satoshi so it triggered me to research how much is the value of 50,000 Satoshi to 1B to USD and I found out that it is only $0.53 USD for 3 days... thats too small. So I searched again "how to earn 1B in 1 week and I landed here.

I just wanna share to be honest it is hard to find 1B in a month or even months so I agree, just make it a fun, hobby to explore because it could not be a way to earn a living especially for beginners. It is quite prostrating if you are so much excited to earn that fast. It help me decide as well to double time to find another job ASAP. Me, as an HR professional, IT tech savvy and an Accountant, it is not hard to find a job but I am a bit pricey now.. I deserved to be a bit pricey because I have double degrees with more than 10 years experienced. Pricey for local salary standards but for international average salary for my experience and educational background then it is too low. Before it was okay with me to accept $1,200 USD a month salary but it was 6 years ago.. so I am a bit demanding now to at least $2,500 USD -up a month plus package .. (they could hire 1 person for almost all things (I.T., Accountant, and HR professional with post graduate studies plus 10 years experience) so it is still a bit harder then.. my last position was a Senior HR Director to a shared services group of companies with around 5k employees.. so hard and challenging job and since I just signed a contract as consultant but occupying a Senior HR Director to work full time and to have full control over the department, then it is still worthy. I successfully changed the company using the full SAP automation, changing and developing the company policies, developed the 360 evaluation and face the daily challenge to hire right people especially the company is so demanding to have new applicants. whole company under the Group was demanding of an average of new 2k newly hire employees every month... the turnover was so fast, the system inside is really rotten and corrupted.. The senior managers and managers under my supervision are busy facing the labor cases, so many illegally fired employees are lining up at the Labor Ministry and demanding compensation for the illegal termination... the hardest part was.. the elders in the company opposed the changes because they are used to the old system. using mostly manual and accounting software which could have more human intervention so they could input the unusual transactions, manual system in which there are corruption happened inside the company, there are so many ghost employees and I received so many death threat for those changes to full automation... I still feel fulfilled because I changed the company, I did my part, I hired new good managers to implement the new system and policy .... and I did not renew my consultancy contract then.. the dirty politics in many companies are really scary... they are willing to eat people alive just to continue their dirty plans.. some of the good people I hired was corrupted by the rotten system.. but at least the new managers are already in there to continue implementing the changes I initiated.. my most valuable hired employee was a Corporate lawyer.. a very strong personality CPA Lawyer lady but she surrendered as well. I left and she left. we both cared for our career. We don't want to turn bad from being honest... hhhhgghhhh.. so sad story .. HR is not a joke... its deadly.. Rotten system really infect the good .. so it either leave and survive or stay and get rotten like zombies with other zombies inside the organization..

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