How MUCH will the FINAL BTC be WORTH?

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Honestly, the final price of bitcoin is unknown. There are several factors that influence bitcoin price and these factors keep on changing. Like for example, the adoption of bitcoin in every country is increasing thus, this will give demand to bitcoin and increase the price. But once the target price is reached by many holders, they, then sell bitcoin that will definitely make bitcoin price lower. Bitcoin price will forever fluctuate so we cannot tell how much will the final BTC is.

The final bitcoin will be only mined in 2140 approximatelly. We have no idea how much bitcoin will price in more than 100 years, it can be pricing $,00 or $0.01... Many events happen in one century.

If everything happens as bitcoin developers imagined, bitcoin will be pricing millions or billions of currently dollar, enough amount to circulate among all the persons of the world to transact online.

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